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API & Intermediates

Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs Manufacturer

About Us

Leading Supplier of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in India

Global Bulkdrugs is dedicated to working with our clients, as a single source for pharmaceutical bulk drugs and its advance intermediates, while constantly looking for new opportunities to help companies increase their efficiency.


Global Bulkdrugs is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of affordable Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to generic formulations manufacturers around the globe, enabling them to accelerate access to manufacture drugs that are both accessible and effective for patients.


We are growing exponentially with its support of Local and Global Partners and reaching new customers every hour.

We source the exact chemistry for our customer and ensure highest quality of products.

Speciality Chemicals

Within the short span of time we have earned good reputation in manufacturing of Pharmaceutical bulk drugs [API] and Intermediates for consistency in quality and supplies at right time at right cost.

In the market today we are strong, reliable, consistency manufacturer of key APIs & intermediates for global markets.