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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients


Welcome to Global BulkDrugs, A Leading Supplier of API’s & Specialty Chemicals

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A strong presence in India for 20 years has made Global Drugs a trust source for specialty chemicals.

Global Drugs is an API distributor and active pharma ingredients manufacturers in india. We have equipped with modern manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and manufacturing facilities state-of-the-art technology for achieving Quality products. pharmaceutical suppliers in india.

Our Vision

To be global leaders in Specialty Chemicals by enhancing the potentials of our employees, business partners, customers and society.

Our Mission

We aspire to become the leading manufacturer of API and intermediate inputs by adopting state-of-the-art and innovative process technology.


Years of Experience



What We Do

Our Capabilities

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Importing more than 250 specialty products from all over the world like China, Korea, Japan, USA and Europe.

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Exporting more than 250 specialty products to all over the world like China, Korea, Japan, USA and Europe.

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Contract Manufacturing

Strategic tie up with more than 25 production unit with manufacturing facility like-chlorinations, hydrogenation etc.
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Strong Research & Development combined with Technological Innovations and cross-functional teams.

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Michael Robertson

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Global Drugs have an unmatched global regulatory expertise focused on international markets with top-class quality and industry-leading compliance.

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George England

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They ensure the products meet stringent regulatory requirements globally. Global Drugs have regulatory filings available in major markets across the world.